Neighbors II: Meet your local street trees.

Neighbors II is a hyper-local research and art project that introduces people to trees in their neighborhood. Street trees are vital to a neighborhood’s health. Yet many are unfamiliar with the ecological abundance that surrounds us and the many benefits trees offer.

Neighbors II is a continuation of an exploration into my natural surroundings. While last year’s project (Neighbors) explored wildlife in my neighborhood, Neighbors II focuses on street trees. The project scope is limited to the Lakeside Apartments District in downtown Oakland.

This project – and I as an artist and citizen scientist – are works in progress and ongoing development. I invite anyone to contribute knowledge to the project, using the contact form on this site. I welcome feedback and would love to learn any other names, uses, or benefits of trees in our neighborhood.

Gratitude and Credit

This project would not have been possible without the generosity of so many people who contributed knowledge and provided inspiration and encouragement. Gratitude to Eco Art Matters and Laney College, City of Oakland public data, Trees for Oakland, and countless resources that helped me identify and map trees.

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