The Amazing Sweetgum

Sweetgum, also known as Alligatorwood, has many known culinary and medicinal uses. Today, it’s mostly used to make plywood. Common Name: SweetgumScientific Name: Liquidambar styracifluaPlant Family: AltingiaceaeIdentifying characteristics: palmately lobed, star-shaped leaves, spiky, round fruit Center of diversity and current-day distribution Sweetgum is native to East and South-East regions of North America, as well asContinue reading “The Amazing Sweetgum”

Benefits of Street Trees

Street trees are vital to a neighborhood’s health. They fulfill a variety of critical functions that often go unrecognized. Benefits of street trees include: Carbon sequestration: The larger the tree, the better it is at fighting climate change. Sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) and London Planes (Platanus Ă— acerifolia) are considered among the best performers when itContinue reading “Benefits of Street Trees”

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