Name Tags for Trees? What Does it Mean?

If you’re looking at this page, you’ve likely seen a tree in your neighborhood with a name tag like this and scanned the QR code on the back. Thank you for noticing, and welcome!

Why do this?

Street trees are often overlooked, but they are a vital part of any neighborhood. Like human residents, street trees come from many regions of the globe and they form an integral part of the neighborhood’s tapestry.

What can I learn?

Each name tag contains the common name of the tree, followed by the scientific name – for instance “Brush Box”, followed by “Lophostemon confertus”.

Trees are often known by several common names that vary by region. They’re easier to pronounce than the scientific names which more accurately describes the species.

Each name tag also contains two beads, one on each side of the metal tag.

The bead on the left is either natural or black, which represents deciduous or evergreen trees, respectively. Deciduous means that the tree loses its leaves each year. Evergreen trees keep their leaves year-round.

The bead on the right signifies the origin of the tree species. Each continent is associated with a different bead color. For instance, a red bead means that the species is native to Australia. Here’s the color code for the origin beads:

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